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“I can’t thank these girls enough for all that they do!
I always tell my friends that Melissa has magic fingers, but it’s more than that! Every time I go in she makes sure to treat me as if I were a new client – meaning that she never expects me to put in an ounce of effort while seamlessly transitioning through the motions – every session is truly a fun and relaxing experience. Melissa knows exactly what muscles need the most attention and makes sure to work them thoroughly. I would go multiple times a week if I could!”

Shantal Y, Yelp!

“I had to take a moment to tell you that I had quite possibly the most therapeutic, constructive, healing… let’s just say, one of the best massage experiences of my life with Wendy on Saturday. Wendy was amazing.  She found spots on me that needed work that I didn’t realize needed it.  It was the most productive 90 minutes I have had on a massage table that I can remember.  I am so very glad that I found your place up in Grants pass (half an hour away from our hotel), and if I ever come back in town, would absolutely come back to visit. Thanks again, and I hope that your business flourishes!”

Alex M, Grants Pass

“If you’ve a goal of improved health, living, or longevity, it is imperative to find someone at the rare end of the spectrum – those very few with the time, sense, intuition, patience and inborn desire to help and heal.”

Cliff P, Yelp!

“Melissa takes care to focus on the area of your body most in need of therapy. She is an expert at reducing pain, swelling and helping in healing. I highly recommend her services.”

Patricia S, LinkedIn

“Melissa is awesome, you must use her!  I had a massage yesterday (10/10/13) and even though I had a deep tissue massage I felt great afterwords.”

Debbie W, Facebook

“I had THE BEST massage today in my home from Melissa! I get massages out of town at wonderful spas, but was AMAZED at how nurturing and strong she was! (: From the appt. schedule to her professionalism, I recommend Melissa 100%!!”

Annie T, Yelp!

“The treatment that I received from Melissa was one of the best that I have had. She is intuitive and spot on with where and how much pressure to use as well as working on the surrounding areas.”

Steve B, Yelp!

“Great job — always look forward to Wendy’s massage :)”

Michael A., Square

“Had my massage yesterday at our office and it was amazing! Thank you Wendy, I can’t wait to have another one next month ♡♡”

Joy K, Facebook

“We love Melissa! We have had many massages and she is by far the best!”

Sabrina N, Facebook

“Melissa is exceptional at her craft. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and very helpful. I’ve had low back issues for years and I walked out of my appointment feeling great. She gave me some great advice on stretching routines and most importantly she is a wonderful massage therapist. Very professional, cordial, and inviting atmosphere so that you can relax.”

Mike H, Yelp!

“It was awesome!! Thanks again Melissa! :)”

Jill F, Facebook

“I always look forward to your visits. I suffer from arthritis and feel so much better after every session!”

Enid S, Facebook

“Thank you Melissa for coming to our office at Rogue River Mortgage and giving us all massages! What a nice gift from our boss. You are wonderful!”

DeeAnne S, Facebook

“Melissa has been providing massage services for our employees for many years now and we all look forward to seeing her bright shining face every month. She is always warm and welcoming, and her massage skills are absolutely wonderful. She takes the time to listen and knows how to counterbalance the muscle tension that comes from sitting at a desk every day. Many, if not all, of our employees use her outside of the office for themselves and their family members, as well. She is committed, compassionate and has wonderful, calming energy. Thank you for all that you do, Melissa. We appreciate you!”

Lacy G, Insurance Lounge, Grants Pass
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