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Grants Pass Senior Massage Therapy

Senior massage is a great way to simply feel better. Massage can have a powerful effect on our body. Specific chemical and physiological changes flow through you when a practiced massage therapist is at work.

For elders, gentle, simple strokes can be utilized to ease the physical discomfort from conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis as well as increasing blood flow to unused muscle tissue. It is also beneficial to those who have suffered a stroke, as a method of communication and it helps with reconnecting the elderly to the bodies that have begun to feel foreign to them.

Massage Therapy for Seniors Combats Aging

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with over 70 million baby boomers crossing the 60 year threshold, preventing injury and disease is critical in the reduction of the growth to health care as well as long term care costs. If you’re thinking about how you can stave off the ill effects of aging, the restorative and preventative nature of massage therapy and bodywork might be just the thing that the body ordered.

Senior Massage Therapy for Arthritis

Medical experts predict that over one third of U.S. citizens will suffer from arthritis as they age. However, most of those who sufferer may not be thinking of massage as they start to explore what might ease their pain. Though it’s doubtful that an arthritic joint can heal entirely with massage therapy, it can and will feel better. And for the arthritis sufferer, that is a welcome relief, especially considering that there are no unpleasant side effects involved.

Increasing numbers of doctors are recommending massage therapy to their arthritis patients to help alleviate the stiffness and pain inflicted by their disease. Massage therapy increases circulation around painful joints and brings healing oxygen, nutrients and amino acids to rebuild damaged tissue. Many practitioners report their arthritic clients remarking of better, longer lasting relief from massage than from medication.

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