Saying “Goodnight” to Neck Pain

//Saying “Goodnight” to Neck Pain

Neck PainNo one likes a stiff neck, but a simple change to your sleep position is an easy way to help make it a thing of the past.

Get off your stomach!

Unless you’re on my table during a massage therapy session and can place your head in a rest aligning spine, you will be putting excessive stress on your your back and neck. If you have been sleeping on your stomach your whole life you might find it nearly impossible to fall asleep in other positions, however it is critical in improving posture and reducing stress on your spine.

Face up! 

The most neutral position is simply on your back, place a small pillow just below your knees to pivot your hips and allow your spine to straighten out. To help you understand try laying down on the floor. Feel the tension in your spine? Now bring your feet back and raise your knees allowing your back to touch the floor. Notice the difference? It can also help to slightly bunch part of your pillow just under the curve of your neck for support.

Maybe on Your Side Then? 

If you just aren’t able to get comfortable on your back, then your next bet is a side sleeping posture. This is also a good position for keeping your spine elongated. According to recent studies sleeping on your left side can also help to alleviate heartburn pain.

Changing how you sleep can have a positive impact on your posture by alleviating stress on your neck and back while you rest. While changing your sleeping posture can take months to adjust to, you will feel better for the rest of your life.


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