Fighting with my Bed.

//Fighting with my Bed.

pillowAs a massage therapist I have to take care of myself in order to provide quality sessions day after day. An important part of that is simply sleeping better, as sleep plays a critical role in good health and well-being. This means both getting enough sleep and sleeping correctly. Poor sleeping posture can place unnecessary strain on your neck, spine and muscles pulling your entire back out of alignment resulting in chronic back and neck pain. When I’m in pain I can’t operate at 100% and that’s not fair to my clients.

To that end, I spent a great deal of time researching and reading reviews before I invested a fair amount in a more supportive mattress from a top-of-the-line manufacturer. Not only was it recommended to me online based on my body type and sleeping habits but, without even knowing it was the same exact model, I fell in love with it on the showroom floor.

I’ve owned a memory foam mattress topper for years as they are proven to relieve pressure points for those with back or joint pain, I use a medium loft latex pillow as they consistently rate the highest for both pain reduction and owner satisfaction. And though I’d rather be on my side, I sleep on my back in an effort to take the best care of my spine possible. (See my earlier post on sleeping posture here.)

Recently I had been struggling with a fair degree of neck pain and stiffness -lasting several weeks. Nothing I did on my own was providing complete relief and I was sure it was not the way I slept since I had taken every measure I could to make sure I was getting the highest quality rest I could.

It was pointed out to me that I had only recently pulled the memory foam mattress topper out of storage after my most recent move and it got me to thinking. I did start to notice the stiffness in my neck shortly after putting the mattress topper on my bed!

How could that be though? Well, it turns out that the memory foam is less dense than the latex in my pillow and while my body was comfortably sinking into the pad, my pillow was floating on top, pushing my neck unnaturally high and out of alignment.

Just food for thought, I thought I was doing everything right, but the combination was all wrong.


Melissa A. Bailey

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