Who’s up for Tennis?

If you have pain in your rhomboids, the muscles between your spine and shoulder blade, or just general knots and back soreness, give this trick a try at home! Take two tennis balls and put them inside a sock. Tie the sock off leaving a small one or two inch gap in between the balls. [...]

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Banish Stress Headaches at Home in as Little as 5 Minutes!

Do you suffer from tension, stress headaches or neck pain? If  you answered  yes you're not alone. 6 out of 10 Massage in Motion customers are plagued by chronic headaches and the majority of them are caused by muscle tightness and stress. Did you know that in 5-10 minutes on your own you can [...]

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Massage at work!

A hint for all you bosses out there: Studies show that employees exhibit an improvement in performance and less stress when given weekly, 15 minute massages in the office! Just saying...

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Positive Body Image

 Combating Negative Images So, how do you see yourself? Are you happy with the person looking back from the mirror at you or do you scowl in frustration? Researchers say over 80 percent of women in the U.S. are unhappy with their body. Whether lamenting about a pear instead of hourglass shaped figure or even more [...]

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Saying “Goodnight” to Neck Pain

No one likes a stiff neck, but a simple change to your sleep position is an easy way to help make it a thing of the past. Get off your stomach! Unless you’re on my table during a massage therapy session and can place your head in a rest aligning spine, you will be putting [...]

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