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Melissa A. Bailey, LMT Voted Southern Oregon Healthy Living’s 2014 Massage Therapist of the Year!

Hello Everyone! I am very proud to announce that I have been awarded the title of ‘Best Massage Therapist’ in Southern Oregon through the Mail Tribune’s Oregon Healthy Living Magazine! What a humbling experience to be recognized for something I am so passionate about - helping others in their journey towards better health - naturally. [...]

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Need Pain Relief? Massage Therapy Gets High Marks!

Americans rate massage therapy as highly as medication for the treatment of pain according to a 2005 survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and conducted by the an independent research firm Opinion Research Corp. International in Princeton, N.J. According to the survey, one in five U.S. adults received a form of massage [...]

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Massage Therapy – New Year, New You!

While anytime might be the right time to receive a massage, the dawn of the New Year is the perfect time for making positive changes and discovering the healing benefits of massage therapy. The holidays have passed. The stress and overindulgences are now behind us and the New Year lies ahead. When it comes to [...]

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Giving Thanks

It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving, Being Thankful Can Keep You Healthy So, what if there was a simple solution to stress, involving nothing more than giving thanks for the positive things in your life? Well there is. It’s called gratitude. Gratitude means giving thanks, counting one’s blessings and acknowledging what we receive. Psychological and behavioral [...]

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Chair Massage in the Office – Enhancing Productivity and Reducing Stress

Corporate massage has become somewhat commonplace recently; however many employers are still find themselves unaware of the benefits this type of massage therapy can provide their staff. Chair massage has been shown in countless studies to reduce the tension and overall stress levels of recipients, as well as increasing alertness, competency, speed and accuracy. In [...]

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Fighting with my Bed.

As a massage therapist I have to take care of myself in order to provide quality sessions day after day. An important part of that is simply sleeping better, as sleep plays a critical role in good health and well-being. This means both getting enough sleep and sleeping correctly. Poor sleeping posture can place unnecessary [...]

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Does Massage Therapy for Pain Relief Have to Hurt?

Occasionally a client will say something like “Give me your worst. I’m strong and can take it.” or “You can really beat me up, I don’t mind.” I know everyone has different tastes, and some people actually enjoy the feeling of having a deep knot really worked out, but the frequency I hear it brings [...]

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Turmeric Tea – Relief from aches, pains and stiffness without medication.

This recipe was inspired by a tea from Okinawa (I made it sweeter!). They claim the world's longest average life span, so they must be doing a few things right! Turmeric Tea 1/8 to 1/2 tsp turmeric to taste 1/3 cup water 3/4 skim cup milk honey to taste nutmeg if [...]

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Hug it out!

According to Maureen E. Lyon, Ph. D., ABPP, "Give and receive four hugs a day." Clinical research actually shows that hugs make you live longer! Humans need to feel touch. It “soothes and calms us,” Lyon said. “It brings down that reactive arousal system that can get activated when we feel threatened in any way [...]

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